Kit infantil 4 pzas

Cod. 23799198

Las líneas Monsterkids y Monsterbaby con simpáticos monstruitos llenos de personalidad se crearon para hacer más divertida la mesa de los cichos.

Características del producto

Principales funciones y beneficios Plato de polipropileno con detalles revestidos de goma.
Vaso de polipropileno con asas y tapa protectora de polipropileno con detalles revestidos de goma y pico de silicona.
Cubiertos de acero inoxidable con mangos de poliester.
Recomendaciones de uso SAFE AND PROPER USE:
Recommended for children ages 12 months or older.
Handle the fork with care as it is pointed object.
Wash and dry items thoroughly before first use.
These products are dishwasher safe, except for the lid and cup holder. Do not use abrasive products or strong detergents, scouring pads or steel wool. Dry thoroughly before storing.
These products are microwave safe. Except tableware and cup holder and lid (before using please refer to the instructions in the enclosed manual).
We recommend warming in the microwave for up to a maximum of 45 seconds.
To dispose of products and packaging, follow current recycling guidelines.

For your child's health and safety, always use products under adult supervision.
Do not usea product if it appears damaged or defective.
Always check food temperature before feeding.
Peso 0,31 kg
Longitud 290 mm
Ancho 235 mm
Altura 145 mm
Garantía Garantía por defectos de fabricación