Grifo electrónico 5500W 127V~

Cod. 58001020

Sensetop electronic tap for kitchen or bathroom has mobile spout practice with 360-degree rotation and can be installed on the wall or desk. Enables choosing the best water temperature with the tap in use. Your aerator prevents splashing, which saves water and ceramic registration needs only 1/4 turn to open and close, providing practicality and durability. It has automatic gearbox water pressure, automatic security lock for the exchange of resistance. For even greater security is compatible with residual circuit breaker (DR).

Características del producto

Principales funciones y beneficios .
Recomendaciones de uso La instalación y segurança: es importante que el producto sea instalado por profesional habilitado.
Antes de instalar, desenchufar la energia eléctrica.
Peso 0,40 kg
Longitud 230 mm
Ancho 250 mm
Altura 110 mm
Garantía 1 año